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We'd go to the mall, out for dinner and to the movies.'We were really close.'She stayed angry with the man, who had murdered the mother she loved, but was determined to move on with her life.'Of course, I was angry,' she said.

Sarah, now 35, single and working as a writer and fact-checker, tried to put the horror of her mum's murder behind her, remembering how she was 'more like a sister' than a mother.'Some people thought we were sisters,' she said.'We would do things together.Finally, Sarah took to the stand at Cumberland County Court, giving an impassioned speech about her memories of that night and how it had affected her.Despite pleading not guilty, Hutchinson was convicted and is now serving a life sentence.Recalling the day her mother died, Sarah said: 'I'd gone to bed, after enjoying an ordinary day with my mother and having dinner with her.'I heard her screaming, 'No,' before hearing a kitchen drawer opening and the sound of knives clinking against each other.When an eerie silence descended, Sarah summoned the courage to creep out into the kitchen, where she saw her mum's body. We discussed Tim’s relationship patterns, and how he’s in a constant cycle between three women.


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