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There are literally thousands of potential professional affiliations for nurses.In most cases, employers want to know if you belong to any.

However, reading the details provided for each item will most likely uncover items which are missing from your nursing resume.

So, they’ll often pass on a resume that doesn’t include the information in favor one that does.

Provide at least the following information about your education: You might also consider adding a description that includes achievements, awards, scholarly organizations and activities, or your GPA if it was really high.

Examples include honors and awards from school, work, volunteer work, professional affiliations, and even social clubs. You may choose to place these items under their own heading. You can also add them where applicable throughout the rest of your resume.

Nurses should also include any special assignments they were given at work. Including the degree you earned (ADN, ASN, BSN, MSN, etc.) is a must.


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