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In 2008, producer Diederick Santer reintroduced the character for a third time, along with his wife Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer).

Ricky is portrayed as unintelligent, simplistic, easily led and bossed around by dominant personalities.

On 26 February 2011, it was announced that Owen would take a temporary break from the show.

The character exited on 19 July 2011, returning five months later on 13 December 2011. A teenage Ricky arrives in Albert Square when his father Frank Butcher (Mike Reid) becomes landlord of The Queen Victoria public house in May 1988.

Clement), that his sister Janine (Charlie Brooks) has resorted to prostitution and drug-use.Non-academic, Ricky proves to be a troublesome teenager and is frequently berated by his father.He begins dating Shireen Karim (Nisha Kapur), an Asian Muslim, much to Shireen's father Ashraf's disgust.On 31 March 2008, Ricky returns to Walford unexpectedly with his sister Diane Butcher (Sophie Lawrence) to inform Pat that Frank has died. Ricky's fiancée Melinda (Siobhan Hayes) attends, but soon finishes with Ricky when she discovers he is penniless.The Butcher siblings and Pat scatter Frank's ashes in Albert Square gardens after the reading of his will.Ricky begins dating the Mitchell brothers' younger sister Samantha (Danniella Westbrook) and when she decides she wants to get married at 16, she and Ricky elope to Gretna Green in 1991.


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