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Ironically, government policies driven by extreme environmentalists like Governor Brown are making the fires worse. This month, fires have spread to the Los Angeles region as strong Santa Ana winds and dry air caused the fire to spread rapidly.

The worst fire of them all, however, might have been the Great Peshtigo Fire, a firestorm that ravaged the Wisconsin countryside, leaving more than 1,500 dead - the most fatalities by fire in U. This past winter was a very wet one, and in the mountains in the west, a snowy one.The power lines have increased proportionately with the population, so it can be reasoned that most of the damage from wild fires in California is a result of increased population not Global Warming.The increased danger is also greatly aggravated by poor government forest management choices. history all broke out in the same week across the region.Not only does this increase in population mean more people and home structures in the path of fires, but it also means more fires.Lightning and campfires caused most historic fires; today most are the result of power lines igniting trees.There are well-chosen illustrations and good references for those who would like to dig deeper.


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